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North Shore Mayoral candidate, Tony Holman believes that the article in a Sunday newspaper which states that a "second Auckland airport is likely to get Cabinet go-ahead within weeks," is simply pure speculation.

"Firstly, nowhere is Mr Anderton (Minister of Economic Development) actually quoted in the article, " says Mr Holman, "and nor is there any quote from the report."

"I, and many of my Council colleagues,  are still hopeful that the government will do the right thing and provide a proper 'all of government' objective analysis of the pros and cons of the main alternative uses of this land. These would include the economic, environmental, strategic and social aspects and the pros and cons of each, including the question of a commercial airport."

"One of the things I have heard trumpeted loudly so far by Mayor Harvey, is the significant loss of jobs which results from the eventual closure of the RNZAF base. This run down, of course, has been an ongoing process over many years and will continue for several more, " says Tony Holman. "On the other hand, the estimates for job creation at any new commercial airport seem to be unlikely to top 150 jobs – hardly significant. Compare that with a similar area of land at Albany, which employs around 11,000 people."

"If there are better uses of the airbase land which would be more productive in economic terms (and it’s hard to believe that there wouldn't be) less polluting and more socially acceptable than a commercial airport, then shouldn’t we consider them? " says Tony Holman.

"The article ignores the fact that the government will have to go through a legal process laid down by the Public Works Act, and will probably not make a direct decision about whether the airbase becomes a commercial airport or not. That will be left to others. I simply hope that the government will not avoid its responsibility to provide impartial information for the public and others to be able to make a sensible decision."

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North Shore Mayoral candidate, Tony Holman, is asking why the incumbent Mayor has needed to expand the number of staff assisting him directly from one person to three.

"One has to wonder why this Mayor needs three people to help him, when previously only one was required. The number of 'minders' is starting to make the Mayor's office look a bit like a mini Prime Minster's department, " says Tony Holman.

"People are expensive and I would estimate that this group is costing well over $100,000, and probably closer to $200,000.   This is in addition to the support the Mayor receives from other advisers such as the Chief Executive, General Managers and other officers. Furthermore, building alterations have been carried out to accommodate these additional people next to the Mayor's office - another expense."

"This Mayor also has a part-time driver to assist him when required. I am not clear where the funding for this comes from," says Mr Holman.

"If I am elected Mayor, I will carefully review the number of staff supporting the Mayor. I don't think this number of people can be justified, " he says.


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Tony Holman, ph/fax: 418-1057.



North Shore mayoral candidate Tony Holman is clear that most of the problems confronting residents on the North Shore and in the region stem from uncontrolled growth.

"I want the incoming Council to hold a referendum to gauge the level of support for major and urgent initiatives to deal with the problem of too much growth, too much infill and too much ill-designed and intensive housing," says Tony Holman.

"I have tried to get previous councils to change the District Plan so as to drastically reduce the amount of infill, but failed to get sufficient support.  If the referendum were to give strong public support to these proposals I believe the Council would have no alternative but to take all necessary steps urgently."

"These would include:

  • setting up a task force of staff and councillors to develop the appropriate changes to the District Plan;

  • proposing key changes to the regional Growth Strategy;

  • making strong representations to central Government about ways of reducing the population pressures on the Auckland region."

"I believe that if North Shore City was to light the beacon on this issue, residents in other cities in this region would put pressure on their councils to follow this lead," says Tony Holman.

"We all know the problems we face which are nearly all to do with too much growth, too fast and poorly planned, " he says. "They include:

  • traffic congestion

  • inadequate sewerage systems

  • stormwater problems

  • erosion of our lifestyle

  • poor housing design

  • high rents

  • high costs of construction

  • big pressures on our cultural and recreational facilities (e.g. libraries and parks)

and the consequence of all of this is much higher rates and a higher cost of living than would otherwise occur."

Tony Holman says its no good constantly trying to deal with the problems if we ignore the cause – growth. "It's out of control and we have to do something drastic about it," he says.

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For further information please contact : 
Tony Holman,  ph/fax: 418-1057.



"North Shore beaches are still being polluted because of aging and inadequate stormwater and sewerage systems," says Tony Holman, North Shore City Co0uncillor.

"Beach pollution is caused by stormwater carrying pollutants e.g. oil, diesel, heavy metals etc from roads into the sea, siltation from building activities: roads, houses and industrial developments carried by streams, and sewage overflows during heavy rainfall. Some of that in turn is caused by so many impermeable surfaces in new developments   - our 'turtle city'."

"Pollution of beaches and waterways is greatly worsened by population growth that is out of control in the Auckland region and particularly on the North Shore, imposing huge financial and construction demands - and destroying our lifestyle."

Councillor Holman is suggesting that North Shore City Council hold a Shore-wide referendum on a moratorium on infill to enable major changes to the district plan and a 'catchup' on infrastructure undertaken - e.g. renewal of ageing pipes.

He says that government, ARC and Auckland City Council co-operation and funding are also needed to accelerate separation of Auckland City sewers and stormwater, to reduce sewage in the harbour and around North Shore beaches.

For further information, phone Tony Holman on (09) 418 1057