Tony Holman - Why I'm Standing for Mayor

The North Shore is known for its attractive living environment, beautiful coastline and beaches, superb views, leafy suburbs and relaxed lifestyle.

My vision is to enhance these precious qualities and to protect them against the ill-effects of over-development – pollution of our beaches, traffic congestion and loss of gardens and open space.

I want our city to be the best place to live in New Zealand.


To protect the Shore environment and lifestyle, it is important that we have a more cohesive Council, while still encouraging energetic debate to gets the issues out in the open and allow people to see all sides. My job will be to support these goals, while representing the views of voters.

I have had extensive experience running organizations where I have been able to set the right tone for teamwork. To quote just one of those team leadership experiences -

From 1989-91 I worked as Executive Director of the 1990 Commission, which had the responsibility of spending millions of dollars on the commemoration of NZ’s 1990 celebrations.

One of the Commissioners, Professor Sir Keith Sinclair, wrote in 1990:  

“Tony is an excellent team man … he maintained a very friendly atmosphere, among a staff of varied talents and experience….”

I believe that my wide career experience, lifelong commitment to the Shore, long term involvement in community activities and in-depth knowledge of local and central government provide me with comprehensive skills for Council.

I have held many leadership roles, from school, through university, as a senior manager in various organizations and companies, in the community and on local bodies – I have a proven record in this field as a vigorous, forceful, visionary and humane leader. I work hard to ensure that matters are well-researched, and that all views are taken into account.

"My job as Councillor will continue to be to stand up for the Shore and the ordinary citizen – to do my best to protect the Shore’s lifestyle and our environment, to reduce traffic congestion and environmental pollution and to minimize rates."